2KM demonstrates the ability to reduce the time to manufacture complex structures using the PolyTool 8420 in partnership with Ai Build.

Loaded with fast reacting and lightweight polyurethane(PU) material, manufactured by Alchemie, the PolyTool 8420 machine allows shapes to be generated from a computer aided design ( CAD) drawing.  Resulting structures can be fully cured and ready for machining after just an hour.

This replaces the historically tedious process of manufacturing a structure by gluing polystyrene blocks and rough cutting to a basic shape before coating with an epoxy paste, cutting to the correct shape and then finally making the mould.

Video of the PolyTool 8420 in action at Ai Build.

The PolyTool 8420 machine was taken to Ai Build and mounted on a 6 axis, 32kg robotic arm and the system started using a shape loaded from ‘patterns & moulds’.  The arm scribed the shape and the PolyTool deposited the PU.

Using the Ai Build software, the arm moved in a spiral manner and the fast reacting nature of the PU material allowed the bead to be coated with the next layer immediately.  This enabled a 900mm high structure to be manufactured in 50 minutes and was ready for machining just 60 minutes later!

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