POLYTOOL 8460/8420

PolyTool 8460/8420

Metering systems designed for the processing of low density pastes utilising gear pump metering systems.
The system utilises the standard PolyTool design with inverter controlled, geared AC motors coupled to the pumps enabling adjustment of the system to suit the materials being processed.

The use of gear pumps gives the system a lower capital cost but compromises the processing of the very low density materials.

The system can be fitted with the 2KM microprocessor & flow meters which allows exact ratio control & process monitoring.

PolyTool 8460/8420 PU & Epoxy Tooling Metering Machine | 2KM






3D Printing

Plugs Manufacturing

Application of pastes for model design

Used for the surfacing of concrete wind tower construction

Metering technologyIndividually driven, large volumetric displacement, low rotational speed, precision gear metering pump
Ratio range10:100 through 100:100 to 100:0
Output (depending on Viscosity)Up to 10 litres per minute
Viscosity range150,000 to 600,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures120 bar
Mixing optionsHigh pressure static with disposable elements
Metering controlYes by low back pressure spindle flowmeters
Control systems2KM Microprocessor control
Services32 A 3 phase electrical supply
6 bar air pressure for valves & ram press
Options availableCrash frame for machine handling options



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