PolyTool 8120 Epoxy Tooling Meter, Mix & Dispensing Machine | 2KM

Polytool 8120

PolyTool 8120

The PolyTool 8120 is the entry level system of the tooling machine range.

The system is a hydraulically operated, fixed ratio system specifically designed for the medium to high specific gravity materials used in the manufacture of plugs and tools.

The unit can be configured to operate from 60 or 205 litre drums and if fitted with pneumatic rams to ensure the follower plate pushes the product into the metering system.

The chop check pumps fitted with the in line drive motors.

PolyTool 8120 Epoxy Tooling Meter, Mix & Dispensing Machine | 2KM





Bonding of laminated structures

Low volume adhesive dispensing

Application of structural adhesives

Metering technologyHydraulically operated piston pump
Ratio range100:100 fixed (100:50 available upon request)
Output (depending on Viscosity)1 to 5 litres per minute
Viscosity range150,000 to 1,000,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures250 bar
Mixing optionsIn line high pressure static
Disposable dynamic
Metering controlNot available
Control systemsPLC with “Easy use” operator panel
Services4 kW 3 phase supply
6 bar compressed air for operation & ram press
Options availableHigh flow ( Larger metering pumps)