ResinMix 2C

ResinMix 2C Overview

These systems utilise axial piston pumps to meter the materials. These generate high flow and have the ability to have the displacement varied enabling the pumps to be adjusted for optimising flow & ratio.
The pumps are directly coupled to Geared AC motors of 4.4 kW to give a powerful and robust metering system.
The unit is fed from bulk systems or IBC by diaphragm pumps with in line heating available to condition the materials prior to use.
The systems are initially designed for the infusion of large composite structures.

Metering technology Direct coupling of inverter controlled, geared AC motors directly coupled to variable displacement axial piston pumps
Ratio range 10:100 through 100:100 to 100:10
Output (depending on Viscosity) Standard ranges are 20, litres per minute
Viscosity range Up to 2,000 cps (processing viscosity)
Maximum operating pressures 260 bar at pump outlet
Mixing options Disposable static mixers
Metering control By in line gear type flowmeters
Control systems 2KM Microprocessor controller or Siemens s7-300 system. Both with touch screen operator interface
Services 3 phase +N +E 32 Amp
Pneumatic 20mm 6 bar for pump supply
Options available Diaphragm pump supply from IBC or 205 litre drums
Supply drum low level
Intermediate conditioning vessels
In line heating
In line degassing
Large vessels 2500 litre available
Impingement mixing for spray application
Area of application Industry Process
Composites Wind Energy Infusion of blade shells
Infusion of moulds
  Marine Infusion of large structures
Coating Marine Airless spray application of fast reaction materials
Typical materials processed: