PGM 720

PGM 720 Overview

The Process Gear Mix 720 system is the most powerful within the PGM range. Equipped with the larger inverter drives of up to 6kW as a standard feature, these machines can process multi component materials with ease and simplicity.
The unit can operate up to 4 main components and 3 ancillary systems allowing the 720 to be tailored to all different materials.
The unit can be fitted with gear pumps, progressive cavity pumps or circumferential piston pumps enabling the most difficult of materials to be metered with control and repeatability.
The system has been used for large castings, filled materials and syntactic products for the offshore industry.

Metering technology Individually driven gear pump operated by inverter controlled Geared AC motor
Ratio range 20:100 through 100:100 to 100:20
(Other ratio ranges available by changing pump sizes)
Output (depending on Viscosity) Up to 60,000 cc/min
Viscosity range Up to 30,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures 100 bar
Mixing options Machine mounted dynamic
Metering control Flowmeter option with ratio control & adjustment
Control systems 2KM microprocessor based system with storage for up to 100 programmes and data capture to memory or Ethernet
10.1” 800×600 dpi resolution touch screen
Services 3 phase + neutral + Earth 32 Amp
Pneumatics for vessel pressurisation & valve operation
Options available Fully configurable system with vessel capacity to 10,000 litres
Full material conditioning including in line degassing, heating & agitation
Heating of material lines
Auto refilling from 205 litre drums
Circumferential piston pumps for syntactic materials
Hardened pumps for filled materials
Up to 6 component metering
Area of application Industry Process.
Moulding Offshore Bend restrictors of up to 100 kg
Filled materials for field joints
  Industry Elastomer processing for mouldings
Filled PU for board coating
Coloured PU for decorative casting
Catalyst injection for Metallic free materials
  Automotive Filled materials for acoustic panels
  Marine Casting of acoustic tiles
Typical materials processed: