Polymix 100

PolyMIX 100

The PolyMix 100 system has been developed to dispense medium to high viscosity material directly from the supplied container in a controlled and easily adjustable manner.

The system can be formatted to process differing viscosity media using a common gear pump metering, eliminating the mixing issues associated with reciprocating piston pump systems.

The PolyMix 100 is a variable ratio system and uses inverter drives coupled through an easy to use operator panel.

PolyMix 100 Adhesives Meter, Mix & Dispence Machine | 2KM







Bonding of fiberglass laminates

For the bonding of marine hatch lids & glass to metal for shower enclosures

Manufacture of moulds for prototyping industries

Metering technologyInverter controlled, geared AC motor directly coupled to precision gear pump mounted on follower plates
Ratio range10 to 100 to 100 to 10 Infinitely variable with like size metering pumps
Wider ratio range available upon request
Output (depending on Viscosity)1 to 4 litres per minute
Viscosity rangeFrom 50,000 to 200,000 cps
Maximum operating pressures100 bar
Mixing optionsDisposable static mixer to 12mm diameter
Metering controlNot available
Control systemsBasic operator interface with potentiometers
ServicesMain drive electrical 240 single phase
Compressed air supply for valve operation
Options availableSmall compact chassis